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Our Story

As most good stories should this one starts out over a good cup of tea. After working for many years in and around the events industry Bob and Ralph were keen to move into a different area and over tea with Greg they decided why not go all out and start their own company. With the 2011 Rugby World Cup around the corner they worked hard on getting the company started and won some contracts along the way. This is where Oceania LED was born.

Screen demand in Auckland for the 2011 World Cup grew and saw Bob and Ralph buying and flying in screens from different countries across the world and taking them almost direct to site to be installed they couldn't get enough LED in the country fast enough. Growing from 80sqm of LED to just over 300sqm in the space of 5 or so weeks they soon realised they were onto something.
Add a few sleepless nights and some grey hairs, in 2013 the company came full circle when Oceania LED purchased Monstavision, a company that Bob and Ralph once worked for in their early days. After taking possession we quickly became the biggest LED provider in New Zealand.

Fast forward to present day, we now have 20 full time staff, a North Island and a South Island base countless square metres of screen, more trucks and trailers than we have drivers and a wide range of clients across the country, as well as a team dedicated to sales and fixed installs.

Our People

  • About - Bob

    Bob Wilson

    Managing Director

    Our fearless leader is usually found on a gig, driving a truck or emailing at 3am from an airport on the other side of the world.
    Email: bob@monstavision.com
    Phone: 021 727 848

  • TEST

    Ralph Coppins

    Operations Manager / Director

    After all this time some still struggle to know what Ralph does, however he loves surfing, a round of golf and working on tricky installs.
    Email: ralph@monstavision.com
    Phone: 021 354 443

  • Team - Murray

    Murray Wright

    National Sales Manager / Director

    Enjoys a good game of golf in-between stadium screen installations and sporting events.
    Email: murray@monstavision.com
    Phone: 021 881 864

  • Contact - Ross

    Ross Moreton

    Commercial Sales Manager

    If he's not on a boat fishing you'll find him at our latest fixed installation lending a hand.
    Email: ross@monstavision.com
    Phone: 021 807 037

  • Team - Judith

    Judith Griffiths

    Business Support Manager

    Monstavisions Law and Order, Judith also enjoys gardening and a good vino. 
    Email: judith@monstavision.com
    Phone: 021 2966 6670

  • Head Shot - Sutto

    Chris Sutton

    Senior Technician

    Often found at midnight re arranging the workshop or climbing screens. Also loves trains and flying drones.
    Email: chris@monstavision.com
    Phone: 021 223 8583

  • Head Shot - Danny Rapira

    Danny Rapira

    Senior Technician

    Usually found driving a truck somewhere in the country. Enjoys a good rugby game and is our lead singer.
    Email: danny@monstavision.com
    Phone: 021 609 624

  • Head Shot - Alex Canty

    Alex Canty

    Senior Technician

    Likes to pull our computers to bits, also enjoys mountain biking and paddle boarding.
    Email: alex@monstavision.com
    Phone: 021 166 4465

  • Team - Jurgen

    Jurgen Herbke

    Accountant / Director

    He is our resident German, loves sports and his Porsche.

  • About - Greg 2

    Greg Peacocke

    Chairman of the Board

    He's been in the industry for many years and with us from that first cup of tea. 

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